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transferitis's Journal

Center for Transfer Questions, Experiences, Etc
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What is a transfer student?
A transfer student is one that goes to a community/junior college for the first two (or however many) years to transfer on to a four-year institution.

So what?
With budget cuts in education in California, more and more students are being pushed into a CC or JC before they can even touch a 4-year. Most of the time, these students have no guidance, except for that of the counselor at their school. Even then, it is still difficult to access the information these students need.

So what's your goal?
The goal of this community is to unite all transfer students, former, current, or planned. Ask questions, give information, suggest websites. We cover financial aid and all that weird stuff, too!

So, if you're a transfer student, used to be one, or are going to be one, PLEASE JOIN! :D

Any questions? Ask the moderator of this community: meloncollie